Good Design Makes Clubs More Customer Friendly

Wednesday 19th September 2018

England Golf's Customer Focused Facility Guidance

A new guide which shows how good design can make golf clubs more customer friendly has been produced by England Golf.

The 'Customer Focused Facility Guidance' aims to help clubs and golf centres to match the design, character and appearance of their course and clubhouse to the needs of their members and visitors. 

Golf Business International’s chairman, Howard Swan, was one of the contributors and Golf Business International was acknowledged within it as England Golf’s ‘preferred partner’.

Abbie Lench, England Golf’s head of club support, said: “This is so important. The look and feel of your club will directly affect customers and influence their decision to return – or not. 

“The first step to designing a successful business is to understand what customers want. This will also help clubs tap into new markets to attract more players and members, become a hub for the local community and create better products and services.” 

 The guide has been produced with the support of Sport England and input from Golf Business International, and a wide range of golf facilities. 

It looks at ways to improve the playing and social environment both within existing facilities and as part of any new build project. 

It steers clubs through the process of reviewing their facilities – both on and off the course – and comparing them with the local competition, identifying areas for improvement, looking at all the options and drawing up a statement of requirements. 

Swan added: “I am delighted, as chairman of Golf Business International, to have been able to contribute to and support this excellent publication. It will be greatly welcomed in the marketplace and gives essential help and guidance to clubs as to the way forward for the game’s essential, changing future.

“Our 30 member consultants are on hand to support England Golf, through our partnership programme, in helping to put in place the initiatives which the facilities guide explains so very well.”

You can access a copy of the guidance here