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Club Handicap Committees

The Handicap Committee at your golf club has a vital role to play in the smooth running of the World Handicap System (WHS).

It is especially important to note the role of a handicap committee in reviewing a golfer’s Handicap Index.

Broadly speaking the handicap committee’s functions are to protect the integrity of the WHS and to record, maintain and update the Handicap Index of their members.

This includes notifying members of any changes to their Handicap Index, ensuring all acceptable scores are uploaded and taking responsibility for reviewing the handicap record

If there has been a significant variance from a golfer’s handicap under CONGU to their new Handicap Index under WHS, the handicap committee can immediately review.

This should only affect a small minority of golfers.

Our statistics show that the majority of golfers have witnessed a variation of less than two shots (either up or down) with the introduction of WHS.

A golfer’s Handicap Index under WHS is based on their demonstrated ability. The index is calculated by taking an average of the best eight from the last 20 scores on a player’s record dating back to January 2018.

It is inevitable when moving to a system based on demonstrated ability rather than potential that variations will occur after transition.

The more scores a golfer submits from social or competition play in accordance with the rules of golf, the more accurately the WHS index will reflect that player’s ability.

To fully understand the role a handicap committee should play in the administration of an index, please click here

In order to help the handicap committee to decide if a short-term review is necessary, England Golf also provide a helpful infographic to take you through the correct process. To view this click here

Going forward under the WHS, a routine, annual review will take place of all golfer indexes. The system will then automatically flag to handicap committees the name of any golfer whose Handicap Index is worthy of further discussion.

County handicap advisors can support golf clubs on handicapping matters, particularly for queries relating to elite golfers.

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