Cornwall Golf Union

Cornwall Amateur Championship 2014

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1st Round
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2nd Round
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Quarter Final
To be played by Fri 23rd May 2014  
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To be played by Fri 23rd May 2014  
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To be played by Sat 24th May 2014  
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Harry Hall  1 Hole                                                                                                                             
Harry Hall  5&4                                                                                                    
Tom Valentine                                                                                                     
 Harry Hall                                                                            
Conor Wilson  6&5                                                                           
Conor Wilson                                                                            
Andy Rowe                                                                             
  Ian Veale                                                   
Josh Greenaway                                                    
Simon Knowles                                                   
Simon Knowles  1 Hole                                                  
 Ian Veale  19 Holes                                                  
Ian Veale  2&1                                                   
Ian Veale  5&4                                                   
Richard Ackland                                                     
   Adam Curtis                          
Adam Curtis  20 Holes                           
Adam Curtis  19 Holes                          
Jack Mewton                           
 Adam Curtis  1 Hole                         
Tom Rowe  4&3                         
Tom Rowe                          
Ryan Curtis                           
  Adam Curtis  1 Hole                         
Chris Fleming                            
Niall Hutton  22 Holes                          
Niall Hutton  6&5                          
 Niall Hutton                           
Joe Cruse                            
Peter Simmons                            
Peter Simmons  5&3                            
    Matt Richards
Tom Fox  5&3    
Tom Fox  5&3   
Ross Lawrance    
 Tom Fox  3&2  
Simon Harper  3&2  
Simon Harper   
Dave Kneebone    
  Tom Fox  
Richard Jasper  19 Holes  
Richard Jasper  2&1 
Aaron Stephens  
 Richard Jasper  
Robert MacGregor  4&3  
Robert MacGregor   
Philip Weaver    
   Matt Richards  5&4 
Matt Richards Walkover    
Matt Richards  5&4   
Theo Pahlsson    
 Matt Richards  2&1  
Mike  Reynard Walkover  
Mike  Reynard   
Mark Carter    
  Matt Richards  5&4  
Matt Lock  2&1    
Matt Lock  1 Hole   
Adam  Taylor    
 Matt Lock    
Josh Walsh     
Andrew Clotworthy     
Andrew Clotworthy  5&3     

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