Cornwall Golf Union

Cornwall Amateur Championship 2024 (K/O Stages)

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1st Round
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2nd Round
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Quarter Final
To be played on Fri 17th May  
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To be played on Fri 17th May  
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To be played on Sat 18th May  
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Sam Crocker 19th                                                                                                                             
Sam Crocker                                                                                                     
Jared Mortimore                                                                                                     
 Christopher Harris                                                                            
Lewis Bradley                                                                            
Christopher Harris 19th                                                                           
Christopher Harris  5&3                                                                            
  Jamie Greet 21st                                                  
Jamie Greet  2&1                                                   
Jamie Greet  4&3                                                  
Ethan Tempest                                                   
 Jamie Greet  2&1                                                  
Ian Ashenden  4&3                                                   
Ian Ashenden                                                    
Adam Taylor                                                     
   Jamie Greet  8&7                         
Mike  Reynard                            
Justin Barnard                           
Justin Barnard  1 Hole                          
 Neil Rowlands  4&3                         
Neil Rowlands  1 Hole                         
Neil Rowlands  3&2                         
Jon Hancock                           
  Neil Rowlands                          
Max Gay  2&1                           
Max Gay  2&1                          
Conor Wilson                           
 Max Gay                           
Thomas Stephens  1 Hole                           
Thomas Stephens                            
Louis Archer                             
    Jamie Greet
Daniel Keyser  5&4    
Daniel Keyser    
Max Stockwell    
 George Law  3&2  
George Law  2 Holes  
George Law  4&3  
Lindsey Dale    
  George Law 19th 
James Ruddick  4&2  
James Ruddick 24th 
Rob Lewis  
 James Ruddick  
George Champion   
Robert MacGregor   
Robert MacGregor  2&1   
   George Law  
Tom Savage     
Lawrie Tremlett    
Lawrie Tremlett  1 Hole   
 Kieran Faulkner  1 Hole  
Kyle Fraser   
Kieran Faulkner  1 Hole  
Kieran Faulkner  1 Hole   
  Kieran Faulkner   
Edward Sherlock     
Alec Nile    
Alec Nile  4&3   
 Matt  Richards    
Matt  Richards  4&3    
Matt  Richards  6&4    
Joshua Small      

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